„Скоро секој автор би рекол дека го претпочита театарот, или подобро речено, тој магичен сценски круг во кои се случуваат сите сценски промени, случки и настани, круг кој честопати е наречен „сценски ринг што живот значи“, круг како централно жариште и магично поле кое ги обединува и публиката и целиот задкулисен живот во театарот.“ - Мето Јовановски
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Title of the performance   2012: The Last Macedonians
Author:   Sasho Milenkovski, Velika Stoykova-Serafimovska, Venko Serafimov, Marko Kolovski, Boyan Trifunovski, Lyupcho Manevski, Snezhana Balkanska
Director:   Sasho Milenkovski
Scenic Designer:   Tihomir Spirovski
Костимографија:   Tihomir Spirovski
Music Designer:   traditional
Roles:   Biljana Belichanec - AleksikjBiljana Dragichevikj - ProjkovskaTrajanka Ilieva
Callboy:   Zharko Namichev
Prompter:   Zhaklina Tsvetkovska
Lights Operator:   Igor Gorgiev
Sound Operator:   Dimitar Ilioski

According to Maya’s calendar, on December 22, 2012 a cataclysm, a catastrophe, an end to the world should have taken place. The 22nd arrived and passed by, 23rd followed and nothing happened. Only in the afternoon of 24th, Reuters published a short story that the world survived and that the Mayas, thank God, were wrong. Except… except all the Macedonians, from all around the world, disappeared. All the Macedonians, from all continents, apart from six of them. These six were having a picnic on the Alshar Mountain and survived.

And exactly those three men and three women are the leading characters of this play. For six years now, the group of six performs throughout Europe, spreading around the spiritual culture of their people. Or, at least, as much as 21st century Macedonians are able to do it. Today is June 10, 2018. On their tour around Europe, they arrive in Skopje, for the first time after the catastrophe.

This play features their performance of that day.  

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